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Insurance Valuation

Companies and/or Individuals purchase fire insurance for their buildings and contents in basically the same way a homeowner does.

We supply the Client or Broker the information they need to ďmarketĒ the property coverage.

  • Market means to shop it to various insurance carriers

What do we provide?

In itís simplest form, we provide the insurance broker or client the tools. The tools (in the way of values) that are needed to negotiate the rates and terms of coverage with the carriers.

Our reports include photos and plot maps. These reports are available on a CD-ROM.

Star Valuation Services will customize each report to the brokerís or insuredís specific needs.

The appraisals we supply can help hold down those cost increases

Some are seeing increases of 300%, an appraisal can help hold this increase down to 25%.
Our services can pay for themselves in one year.


Tel: 484-557-7493

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