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Commercial Appraisals

Star Valuation Services offers a broad range of specialized real estate appraisal services for commercial/industrial properties that include the following types:

  • Industrial Properties

  • Office Buildings

  • Apartment Buildings

  • Small Income Producing Properties

  • Retail Centers

  • Subdivision Acquisition & Development

  • Special Purpose Properties

  • Feasibility/Market Studies

  • Due Diligence

  • Assisted Living/Personal Care

  • Gas Stations

  • Restaurants

  • Landfills & Minerals

  • Land

What commercial information do I need to give to the appraiser?

Star Valuation Services requires the following documents be provided before the inspection of the property:

  • Deed

  • Survey or Plot Plan

  • 3 Year Income & Expense Statement

  • Leases

  • Copy of recent tax receipts

Commercial Appraising Tip:

  • If you are purchasing the property a copy of the sales contract will be needed, as well as the plans & specs if the property is a new construction or renovation with a cost break down.

  • When ordering an "As Completed" commercial appraisal, detailed renovation cost estimates should be given to the appraiser so they may determine more accurate market value.

Tel: 484-557-7493

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