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Financial and Tax Reporting

  • Gift Tax Planning and Reporting

  • Estate Planning

  • Partial Intersst Valuation. This includes analysis for the sale of leasehold positions, settlements for leasehold terminations of negative leasehold positions and understanding of the vaious eparation of lease interests.

  • Fair Value Measurements   (SFAS 157)  (ASC Topic 830)

  • Pension Fund Requirements (ERISA §1023(b)(3)(A))

  • ESOP Asset Value Determination

  • Cost Segregation Studies of tax lives – 5, 7, 15, 27.5 and 39 year property (Cost segregation maximizes a building’s tax benefits by identifying, classifying and segregating a much larger percentage of components for accelerated depreciation) 

  • FIRPTA  (Foreign Investment in U.S. Real Property Tax Act of 1980) - Asset Classification as required under  U.S. Real Property Holding Corporation (“USRPHC”) as required by Section 897 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986


Tel: 484-557-7493

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